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Collection, a theme for Zenphoto

Collection is a responsive theme for Zenphoto image gallery and CMS.

Collections' Homepage Screenshot

Download Collections on GitHub

Supported plugins

  • cacheManager
  • class-textobject
  • class-video
  • comment_form
  • contact_form
  • favoritesHandler
  • menu_manager (no submenu for now)
  • openstreetmap
  • rating
  • register_user
  • related_items
  • tag_suggest
  • themeSwitcher
  • user_ login_out
  • zenpage

Supported options

  • Responsive images using srcset
  • Dark / Light theme with prefers-color-scheme
  • Accessible & responsive navbar
  • SVG icons hack with CSS (empty, protected, text... will add more)
  • Show / Hide title & description for Album view


Upload collections folder in ZenphotoCMS /themes/ folder. Activate it through ZenphotoCMS admin.

What next ?

  • Dark / Light switcher with cookie.
  • Better accessibility
  • Choose homepage
  • Finding a way to standardize class for sub-menu with menu_manager so it can handle accessible navigation with keyboard.